Crime’s Up, and the Culprits Are… Liberal Judges?


We know crime is up. Now, the question is: Who’s to blame?

Well, the New York Post editorial page has vetted the field, and the winner is: “see-no-evil judges.” (That’s Judge Judy at right. We don’t think the Post was referring to her.)

The Post selected the victor over the second-place finisher: the fact that there are 6,000 fewer cops in the NYPD. We would have added the economic downturn as a candidate, but it didn’t make the field.

“No, it’s not the 1970’s again — yet — but it’s not hard to hear Gotham’s clock start ticking backward,” the Post notes. “Whether city pols are noticing is another question entirely.”

The Post normally backs Bloomberg, but in this editorial, it actually describes the mayor’s explanation for the crime spike as “simplistic.” He had blamed it on fewer cops.

But, onto those judges. The Post says a federal appellate panel’s ruling that could end with the release of 2,300 “career” criminals. And adds, “Meanwhile, other judges and politicians have been busy dreaming up felon-friendly measures.”