Fat Pants Fridays: Black Hound Bakery’s Key Lime Macaroon With Momofuku’s Cream Cheese Frosting Ice Cream


Passover is not typically the best time for Fat Pants Friday, regardless of the abundance of flourless chocolate cakes on the market. Sometimes, you just want to feel like you’re eating flour, even if it’s a facsimile made from matzoh meal. But desserts made with matzoh meal tend to be a fractious and unpredictable bunch, so unless you’re prepared to take that risk, then it’s arguably better to look elsewhere for for a triglyceride fix. On this Fat Pants Friday, “elsewhere” means Second Avenue, which is lined with ice cream shops and the Black Hound Bakery, which makes excellent Passover macaroons.

Black Hound’s key lime macaroon is a creation whose somewhat homely exterior belies its considerable inner beauty. Coated in white chocolate, it’s a tangle of coconut, sugar, and key lime zest; it’s a bit like a key lime pie compressed into a key lime pie dietary supplement.

But agreeable as a macaroon may be, one does not a Fat Pants Friday make, and at $26 a pound, getting one’s fill is a costly undertaking. That’s where a two-block walk to Momofuku Milk Bar comes in.

Although the Milk Bar’s soft serve flavors can be hit or miss (that’s putting it politely when it comes to the infamous ‘stuffing’ episode), its cream cheese frosting variety really does taste exactly like cream cheese frosting, and thus makes an excellent mate to a key lime macaroon. As in any successful marriage, the partners elevate each others’ strengths, in this case brightening their flavors and throwing them into even sharper relief.

Instead of going at the ice cream with its infantile wooden spoon, try swiping it with a macaroon or two, and hope against hope that Black Hound and the Milk Bar will one day decide to join forces to make key lime ice cream sandwiches. In the meantime, rest assured that the pairing is an ideal way to celebrate Fat Pants Friday: it’s substantial enough to rate a pair of relaxed-fit jeans, to say nothing of intense satisfaction.

Black Hound Bakery
170 Second Avenue

Momofuku Milk Bar
207 Second Avenue