Our 10 Best Fish Dishes


Today, in honor of Good Friday and Passover, we bring you a list of the 10 best fin fish dishes in the city.

We’ve left shellfish and cephalopods for another day, and tried to choose plates in which fish star, rather than play in the ensemble–so you won’t find your favorite assam laksa, fish pasta, fish tacos, or even that delicious bluefish pate from Fort Defiance. Instead, we’ve highlighted the fish itself: cured, grilled, fried, and braised.

We tried to keep this list to relatively sustainable fish that you can eat without guilt. That means no Atlantic cod, salmon or halibut, no bluefin tuna, eel, shark, swordfish, or monkfish. But it’s not all bad news–as this list shows, you can gorge on silvery sardines, delicate trout, meaty local black sea bass, and mackerel. (Check out Seafood Watch if you’re curious.)

10. Grilled whole rainbow trout at The Standard Grill, 848 Washington Street, 212-645-4100

9. Grilled whole trout at Back Forty, 190 Avenue B, 212-388-1990

8. Robata-grilled mackerel at Qoo Robata Bar, 367 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn, 718-384-9493

7. Grilled sardines at Yiasou, 2003 Emmons Avenue, Brooklyn, 718-332-6064

6. New catch Holland herring at Russ and Daughters, 179 East Houston Street, 212-475-4880

5. Fried whiting sandwich at A Taste of Seafood, 59 East 125th Street, 212-831-5584

4. Sable with black bean sauce at Imperial Palace, 13613 37th Avenue, Queens, 718-939-3501

3. Seared wild striped bass with salsify, roasted brussel sprouts and pancetta at Marea, 240 Central Park South, 212-582-5100

2. Chongqing braised fish at Lan Sheng, 60 West 39th Street, 212-575-8899

1. Fried sea trout * with green mango sauce at Sripraphai, 6413 39th Avenue, Queens, 718-899-9599

* We would have chosen this preparation with the whole red snapper, which is also available, but Seafood Watch says that’s a fish to avoid.

Did we miss your favorite creature of the deep? Please let us know in the comments.