Soon We May All Be Gainfully Employed


The largest number of jobs were created in March since this whole drag of a recession began: 162,000 to be exact, the most in three years. Granted, that includes nearly 50,000 temporary census-pusher gigs — folks who, now that I’ve mailed in my envelope, will soon be relieved of duty. But it’s Friday and we’re inclined to be positive, so we’re going to say this is all a good sign of economic recovery and puppies and kittens and other fuzzy things.

Until we start thinking about how this “recession” and “lack of jobs” might just be a trick to make people think they actually want to work, because back when jobs were coming at us all willy-nilly, how many of us were ready to cash it in and move to Mexico and work — on our tans? The job might just be greener on the other side, let’s not forget about that … I mean, except of course where a certain new Runnin’ Scared blogger’s job is concerned. That job is just money, solid.