The Selection of Obanzai One Evening at Hibino in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn


Every evening there are three obanzai at Hibino (click on picure to enlarge)

The obscurely located Hibino is a restaurant that features the cuisine of the Japanese city of Kyoto, once the capital of the country. The menu offers several types of hako-sushi, a variety that’s pressed in a box to form perfect rectangles, often with shiso leaf incorporated in the vinegared rice.

Another specialty of Hibino is a daily selection of obanzai, small home-style dishes that reflect the season of the year, the availability of raw ingredients, and the improvisational chops of the cook. All obanzai are $4 each, and the quantity of food is often quite formidable. Two would make a filling and satisfying meal.

Pictured here are the three obanzai that were available on one of my three reviewing visits. Hibino is the subject of a full restaurant review this week in the Voice.

Daikon dengaku: steamed radish with yellow and red miso paste

Sauteed asparagus and cucumber with shredded garlic.

Simmered beef sukiyaki with mushroom and homemade tofu