Andrew Cuomo and Bruce Blakeman Seeing Same Green


Andrew Cuomo, the diehard Democrat-who-would-be-governor, and Bruce Blakeman, the stalwart Republican-who-would-be-senator, are light years apart on most things political.

But money is money, and both pols are employing the same political consultant to raise the big bucks.

Blakeman — desperately trying to get a story in the press that’s not about the fact that his ex-wife is dating Paul McCartney — this weekend announced that he has hired top GOP fundraiser Cathy Blaney to help him put together the multiple millions he’s going to need if gets the chance to run against Democratic incumbent Kirsten Gillibrand.

Blaney, however, has already been shaking the state’s money tree for over a year working for the attorney general who is soon to announce his run for governor. Campaign filings show she has been paid more than $80,000 so far by Cuomo’s campaign.

Blaney’s specialty is clearly the Republican side of the street. She began as a protégé of ex-senator Al D’Amato and went on to raise millions for others, including ex-gov George Pataki. She was also Michael Bloomberg’s designated hitter, raising most of the dough for the GOP national convention held here in 2004. She is currently also executive VP for development for the National September 11 Memorial Foundation, another Bloomberg appointment.