Apparently, Everyone Loves a Unicycle


The New York Post alerts us to a group of courageous men (and sometimes women) who are planning to cross each of the 2,078 bridges in New York City on their one-wheeled wonders, “in the belief that unicycles can unite the disparate corners of the city just as its bridges do.”

Rob Hickman and his “pedal partner” Keith Nelson have crossed 50 bridges so far. Next on the list, scheduled for April 7th, are the bridges of Central Park. Meet them at Columbus Circle at 11am if you’re inspired to join. All people are welcome, just like all unicycles are welcome. (Scary clown wigs, not so much. And they don’t juggle either.)

“A lot of people don’t like bicyclists and bicycle politics, but everyone loves a unicycle,” Hickman said.

In other unicycle news, the New York Unicycle Club is seeking volunteers for an upcoming event. And we promise not to say “unicycle” for the rest of the day year.