In the Eyes of McDonald’s Germany, We Are All Cupcakes Now


To anyone with any shred of doubt that New York has lost whatever edge it once had in the world’s eyes, you can now give up the ghost. In a double-whammy of what-the-fuck proportions, McDonald’s Germany has introduced cupcakes, and named them after New York neighborhoods.

The company’s website shows four cupcakes representing Chelsea, Soho, the East Village, and Central Park, accompanied by photos of the sort of clean-cut, optimistic-looking young people who have proved so irresistible to brand ambassadors, condo developers, and hotels on the Bowery. These are the type of individuals who most likely moved to New York in part because Sex and the City told them it was safe to do so; considering that show spawned the relentless cupcake proliferation that has by now all but engulfed us, it’s perhaps appropriate that McDonald’s Germany considers cupcakes to be synonymous with our fair city (though curiously, there is no West Village cupcake in the campaign).

So now untold numbers of Germans who eat at McDonald’s will associate Chelsea with chocolate, the East Village with cappuccino, Soho with vanilla, and Central Park with strawberry. Admittedly, equating Soho with vanilla is pretty spot-on, and it is true that the East Village is home to many fine coffee shops, but strawberry doesn’t really scream “Central Park Moment,” as the ad copy would have us believe. Street wiener or burnt pretzel would have been more apt choices, but like so very many other things in the McDonald’s campaign, this seems to have gotten lost in translation.

[Via Eater National]