Market Hotel Is Shut Down Until Further Notice


“So…Market Hotel got into some police trouble,” noted Todd P over the weekend. “What does this mean? Hard to tell.” But for now, thanks to a visit from the cops Saturday night, the Bushwick spot is going dark indefinitely, with two and a half months’ worth of shows to quickly relocate. So what the hell happened, and what happens next?

As for the former question, some combination of noise, random police antagonism, and public urination, apparently. Per Brooklyn Vegan:

Saturday night’s Smith Westerns show at Market Hotel got cut short thanks to a group of cops that showed and told everyone to leave (possibly due to a noise complaint, possibly due to “business inspection”, maybe because the Smith Westerns were peeing all over the place, or possibly just because the cops felt like shutting it down).

So there you go. “Lights were turned on and amps were shut off,” recalls another account. “Police harassed, as they normally do, empty threats were made, but there were no arrests and no hipsters were injured in the melee.”

Todd for his part is confident the venue will be back, and eventually fully legitimized. His full statement:

so…. Market Hotel got into some police trouble. What does this mean? Hard to tell. Places have survived such things before, including Market Hotel, but every situation is different and we will have to wait and see. For the near future, Market Hotel will go dark, and scheduled events will be relocated. The longterm goal remains as it always has been: to make Market Hotel a licensed community space… but money is a challenge of course. We have consulted many times with architects / lawyers and it is attainable! If you want to help achieve that goal, please get in touch @ Thanks for your support!

Todd puts the dollar amount necessary for that transformation at around $100,000 — “realistically, we need to be more legal to really survive.”

Look for some benefit shows in the near future, then. Probably all held stateside.