Survey: Subway Announcements Wah, Wha, Waaah…


If you thought that you couldn’t hear those garbled gobbledygook subway announcements alerting you to a delay or disruption at all, well, you were more than 50 percent right.

The intrepid straphangers of the Straphangers Campaign (those folks have all the fun) compiled 6,600 observations of announcements (or opportunities when there should have been announcements) on 22 subway lines, and found that “in 55 percent of delays and disruptions experienced by our raters, there was either no announcement — or an inaudible, garbled, or incorrect one.”

The best lines (and you probably already knew this): the 4, 5, 6, L, M, and N. The worst? The D, G, and 7.

In positive news, 80 percent of basic announcements that we hope you were aware of before you got on the train (like the line, station, and transfer options) are clear and accurate.

The number of people actually listening to subway announcements has yet to be calculated.