What to Talk About at Work Today


In case you were living under a rock (or outside, with a healthy application of spf, we hope) this weekend, we’ve consolidated a handy list of what the past two days had to offer. Fear the office water cooler no longer! Read on for what’s on the lips of all the popular kids:

The Red Sox beat (defending World Series champions) the Yankees 9-7 last night at Fenway Park. But there are 17 more games — count ’em, if you dare — to go. (Memo: Avoid that fanatical Red Sox fan until at least Wednesday.)

Everybody who’s anybody waited in ridiculous lines to buy an iPad on Saturday, and then Tweeted about it the ever-loving night long. Apple announced that more than 300,000 iPads were sold in the U.S. on the first day of sales. Congrats to all of you who got one; let us know what you think.

Bruce Springsteen is said to be having an affair with a woman who looks eerily similar to his own wife. Exercise enthusiasts take note: It all started with “chitchats on the treadmills.”

Deepak Chopra took responsibility for the earthquake in Baja, California. Hm.

• A botanicals-loving burglar is stealing flowers in Park Slope, “forcing owners to tether their pots with sturdy cables, or even cement them firmly to the ground.” Police state!

A “group of youths” wreaked havoc in Times Square, Herald Square, and Rockefeller Center this weekend, shooting people with BB guns and actual guns, among other things.

114 Chinese miners were rescued after more than a week trapped in a mine flooded with water. A spokesman for a rescue team called it “a miracle.” Not as adorable a miracle as rescuing a baby from a well, perhaps, but we’re very happy for them. Meanwhile, in New York City, a baby was rescued from the East River.

• The Wall Street Journal tackled questions for the ages, such as “Dressy gym togs — stylish or silly?” Discuss amongst yourselves.

Pillow fight!