Chatroulette Karaoke at Williamsburg’s Legion = #fail or #success?


“It’s just penises, lots of penises,” is how the bartender at Williamsburg’s Legion explained Chatroulette to a curious patron last night. Every Monday at the spot, there’s now a weekly gathering of karaoke lovers with a taste for free drinks and naked dudes with webcams. But last night, at the event’s supposed start time of 10pm, there was a lone woman sitting in the back room of the Metropolitan Avenue establishment, seemingly unaware that anything else was supposed to be happening. So by 11:30, we left. But Twitter informs us that at some point last night at least one person performed karaoke live on Chatroulette and we missed it. The evening’s overall success was questionable though–as @EmmaStory suggests, “A bigger bar with more qualified nerds needs to steal the karaoke chat roulette idea.” We can only hope those serenades were offered up to frequent Chatroulette lurkers: the lonely old guy, the entire high school party, the dude in a superhero mask, the indoor sunglasses douche, Justin Beiber, the Jonas brothers, and of course a vast selection of penises. Ben Folds, we hardly knew ye.