Clash of the Titans: Where Are The Manboobs?


From the looks of it, the new version of Clash of the Titans shockingly downplays the male cleavage angle of the story!

The men are way too covered up and it’s no longer Clash of the Tits!

Shouldn’t this kind of oversized historical epic have lots of men’s boobies flouncing around, or at least a pronounced hint of cleavage just for accuracy’s sake?

Shouldn’t it be like a trip to the steam room at David Barton?

And I’m not talking about those floppy men’s breasts you see on suburban beaches, the kind that hang lower than chandeliers in the Catskills used to.

I mean nice, succulent, defined orbs–the type that popped up so often in Ben Hur that I always watch it going, “Get Hur!”