Desperate Housewife Slaps Back!


Wisteria Lane has turned into Hysteria Lane now that Nicollette Sheridan has sued the show’s creator, Marc Cherry for her treatment on the prime-time series.

Sheridan claims that Cherry slapped her in the face after she approached him about a line in the script.

What’s more, Sheridan says, after she reported the incident to the top brass, she was unceremoniously written off the show.

But let’s cut Cherry some slack.

If this is all true, might he not just be trying to give the gays some bad press to counter all the horrid hetero publicity these days?

And considering the show’s tumble from grace, isn’t it possible that Sheridan’s axing was a Godsend for her?

(Kidding. Slapping is never funny, unless its done by Zsa Zsa Gabor.)