Dope Lugs 49 Bags of Marijuana to Staten Island Hospital


“Medical” and “marijuana” don’t yet go together in New York, as a 58-year-old Staten Island man recently discovered. He showed up at the hospital last Friday for treatment (of an undisclosed type), but was lugging a bag containing 49 baggies of marijuana.

When cops were summoned to Richmond University Medical Center and arrested him, Frank Thompson told them (according to the Staten Island Advance‘s John M. Annese), “That’s my weed. I was going to smoke some. I was going to sell some…. I needed some extra money.”

Sorry, Frank, too early here, but Colorado’s medical-marijuana industry is booming (more than 200 outlets so far), and California voters will decide this fall whether to out-and-out legalize pot.

What are New York’s chances for new dope laws?

Despite the fact the Mayor Mike Bloomberg has said he “enjoyed” pot, he now contends that he wouldn’t vote to legalize it. But money (of a lack of money) talks. The state Senate has rejected Governor Paterson’s attempt to raise cash with new taxes on cigarettes and soda, but some Democrats say they’re interested in legalizing medical marijuana and taxing it.

More details here on California’s upcoming vote and the prospects for New York. Plus the recent Colorado Cannabis Convention.