Eggs Are Our Friends


Eggs get so much bad press these days, and I’m fighting mad about it.

I LOVE eggs, not only for the nurturing image of maternity and life giving that they project (regardless of the cholesterol level), but for the mmm-mmm-good taste, especially when they’re toyed around with and turned into deviled eggs!

That’s just what my friend Beauregard Houston Montgomery and I had for appetizers at the new Meat Market restaurant the Collective last night.

You have to adore the presentation–the eggs are set on half of an upside-down cardboard egg carton and the dish is littered with wicked clumps of popcorn–and did I mention the tastiness?

The same refreshing lack of pretension is echoed in the place’s desserts (Baked Alaska Ding Dongs and Fudgesicles, hello) and the decor (hanging birds made of recycled license plates, thank you).

But back to the eggs. They wuz good. In fact, like teen star Kesha, they held a mirror up to my very soul.