En Route to Deification, Alice Waters Will Make a Pit Stop at Book Court Tonight For a Cookbook Signing


Given how much she’s been in the news lately for things having little to nothing to do with the actual preparation of food, it’s not entirely surprising that plenty of folks have forgotten that Alice Waters actually does stuff like write cookbooks.

But, as she told Leonard Lopate earlier this afternoon, the lady knows her way around a kitchen, and as evidence, she’s got a new cookbook titled In the Green Kitchen.

The book, as you may have guessed, is all about cooking local, sustainable, organic meals, and features contributions from the likes of Thomas Keller, Deborah Madison, and Dan Barber. To further promote the book, Waters will be doing a signing tonight at 7 p.m. at Book Court in Cobble Hill. She’ll be talking and answering questions, too, so maybe she’ll finally be able to explain why it is she inspires so much animosity.