Good Morning! Some Links With Your Coffee?


What’s going on in the world, both near and far? We’ll tell you. Here’s your morning update of things to talk about on Tuesday:

• The death toll rises to 25 in a blast at a West Virginia coal mine, making it the worst accident since Dec. 19, 1984, when 27 workers died in a fire at the Wilberg Mine in Orangeville, Utah.

Duke beats Butler.

• In the ever-glowing radioactive circle of life (hakuna matata!), Staten Island’s Brookfield landfill began its transformation into a public park on Monday. Today plans will be revealed for the first phase of the Fresh Kills makeover.

• Meanwhile, New York City Boy Scouts rally to save Pouch Camp, the only Scout campground in the 5 boroughs.

Poor Annie Leibovitz is being targeted by creditors again!

• Obama narrows the conditions in which the U.S. can use nukes. He’s also a party pooper.

• WikiLeaks released video footage of a Reuters reporter and driver being killed by U.S. forces. Not for the faint of heart, say those who have watched it. (We’re linking to the story, not the video.)

• Who’s cuter, the Bronx Zoo’s new baby lemur or its less-new baby mandrill?

• A New York City pizza man gets props round the world. ‘Cause everybody loves pizza.