On Big Boi’s New Single, “Shutterbugg,” From The Solo Album That’s Actually Finally Coming Out This Year, Thank God


Get the MP3 here or here. “I’m shittin’ on niggas/And pissin’ on the seat,” avers Big Boi on the massive, glitzy, delightfully garish (i.e. Scott Storch-produced) new single off the (finally!) imminent Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty, hip-hop’s most appalling endless-delay hostage situation. Coming soon (really!) from Def Jam. “I’ve been reunited with one of my favorite artists,” raves L.A. Reid, regaling a small, politely starstruck crowd at Electric Lady Studios in the Village Monday night with his tales of Outkast auditioning for him as fresh-faced 17-year-olds. X number of years later (he wouldn’t specify), here we are, Big Boi bobbing on a couch, everyone facing him, bobbing their heads conspicuously in that awkward listening-party way, the bass so concussive it might just’ve knocked a few specks loose from the ceiling. Big Boi notes that he’s happy to be home, happy to be back with his family, just… happy. As are we. This song is pretty good. Put the fucking record out already.