Finally, baseball is back! The Angels, the Yankees toughest foe this century—yes, more so than the Red Sox—are still smarting over their loss to the Yankees in the AL Championship Series last fall. Things to remember: The Yankees have a few new faces—Curtis Granderson in center could make Yankees fans remember when Bernie Williams was at his peak, and Javier Vazquez, after a great year with the Braves, is getting his chance in pinstripes. And, in the other dugout, it will be interesting to see if Yankees fans give a standing ovation to the Angels’ newest slugger, the Yanks’ MVP for the 2009 World Series, Hideki Matsui. (You know they will.) Tickets start on StubHub at $110 each, but we should all be used to the cost of Yankees tickets by now.

Tue., April 13, 1:05 p.m., 2010