Restaurants Hire Inspection Consultants; Pizza Guy Fights Off Robbers, Delivers Pies


Star tenor Placido Domingo, who four weeks ago had colon cancer surgery, is recovering nicely and readying for the opening of his new restaurant, Zengo, which he’s a partner in with Richard Sandoval.

An East Harlem pizza-delivery guy fought off two gun-toting robbers and still managed to deliver the pies he was carrying.
[NY Post]

Restaurant report cards are sure to give a boost to the cottage industry of health inspection consulting: restaurants hire consultants to help them pass DOH inspections.
[NY Times]

Now that in-flight complimentary meals have gone the way of the dodo, it’s become a common thing for passengers to BYO food, much to the dismay of other passengers.

A new study shows that men who drink a liter of cola per day may face a reduced sperm count. Caffeine is probably not the culprit because coffee didn’t have the same effects.

Two Manhattan sushi restaurant workers were busted for using a credit-card skimmer to steal some $60,000 from customers.
[NY Post]

Bruce Buschel has settled, finally, on a name for the forthcoming restaurant he is chronicling in his blog, You’re the Boss. It will be called Southfork Kitchen.
[NY Times]