Takashi, All-Beef Restaurant, Opening in West Village


A new Japanese-Korean restaurant in the West Village will be serving beef, beef, and nothing but beef.

At Takashi, the cow will come in both raw and grilled-at-the-table preparations. The grilled options are known as yakiniku, a Japanese word referring to grilled meat, or a restaurant where one orders several different cuts, sizzles them at the table, and then eats them with various dipping sauces.

Takashi’s yakiniku list runs from kalbi (short rib) and rib-eye, to aorta, urute (“throat soft bone”), and first, third, or fourth stomach.

Raw selections include heart with sweet and sour miso sauce; raw beef topped with sea urchin with dry seaweed, soy sauce, and fresh wasabi; and seared tongue tip with ponzu sauce.

Takashi’s website maintains that the beef will come from responsible sources, like Dickson’s Farmstand and Oregon’s Japanese Premium Beef.

Osaka-born chef Takashi comes from a Korean family that immigrated to Japan three generations ago; he apparently cooks from both the Japanese and Korean traditions.

Walking by last week, the place looked like it was nearly ready to open, and the restaurant’s Facebook page announced that construction was finished on March 29th. Repeated calls to the phone number listed were not answered.

456 Hudson Street