Tonight! The Babies, Best Coast, Bitters, Dr. Dog, MiniBoone, Mariachi El Bronx, And Suckers


Get past the silly concept of an indie supergroup and go see the Babies (Cassie from the Vivian Girls and some dude from Woods) at the Knitting Factory. Expect uppity Vivian Girls sass, but with discernible lyrics and a healthy lowering of the fuzz knob. Fellow noise-poppers Best Coast and the Bitters will be playing, too. It’s easily a Market Hotel night that never was. Elsewhere, celebrating the release of their latest album, Shame, Shame, Dr. Dog will be performing their sore-throated, hound-dog retro-rock for free at the SoHo Apple Store. Elsewhere, the Christopher R. Weingarten-approved MiniBoone, a band that sounds something like “Buildings And Food-era Talking Heads if David Byrne could travel back in time and tell himself about Arcade Fire,” will be at the Cake Shop. And to put an end to the evening, head to the Bowery Ballroom for Mariachi El Bronx (an alternative mariachi band), or keep within your reverberating indie-rock shell and see Suckers at Brooklyn Bowl.