Update on My Feud With James Murphy!


When LCD Soundsystem‘s song “Pow Pow” was leaked and turned out to include the lyric “Eat it, Michael Musto/You’re no Bruce Vilanch” I was simultaneously thrilled, appalled, and confused.

Confused mainly because I couldn’t for the life of me figure why singer James Murphy was pissed at me, aside from all the usual obvious reasons.

But Paper magazine’s website just set me straight on the whole contretemps.

Their Elizabeth Thompson reminded me that at the Paper Nightlife Awards last year, while I was MC-ing the “People’s Choice” part of the proceedings, Murphy twice ran onstage to do a Kanye (You know, “So-and-so should have won”), which resulted in me elegantly leaning into the microphone and calling him a “douche.”

I didn’t recall that incident mainly because I presented thousands of awards that night and called kazillions of people all sorts of things. Besides, I can’t be expected to remember every little tiff in my long and argumentative career.

But Murphy’s lashing back totally makes sense to me now! Though I’m still thrilled and appalled!