‘Wordless Music Presents Arp & Anthony Moore’


In the mid-1970s, British musician Anthony Moore had a big hand in melding the playful prog of his homeland to the krautrock being churned out in Germany. His first band, Slapp Happy, deployed Faust as a backing band and a few years on, teamed with Henry Cow. Moore also produced the first This Heat album and penned a few tunes with latter-period Pink Floyd. Experimental musician ARP (a/k/a Alexis Georgopoulos) no doubt is familiar with the man’s work, which is why he recently sought out a collaboration with Moore for an album as part of RVNG INtl.’s FRKWYS series. Tonight, the two generations pair up to deploy acoustic drones, psalter miniatures, analog synths, and shimmering ambient outings that should delight fans of the above genres. With Missy Mazzoli and Victoire.

Wed., April 7, 7:30 p.m., 2010