15,000 Square Feet of Korean Food Will Be Coming to 32nd Street


The opening of Ma Peche is fine and all, but here’s something even more exciting for Midtown and its environs: a 15,000-square-foot Korean food court opening on 32nd Street.

Midtown Lunch did a bit of reporting and learned from the realtor that the food court will house eight vendors on its first floor. The mezzanine and second floor will be used for seating, and the third for possibly non-Korean foods such as burgers and pizza (though if we can have Asian-accented hot dogs, is Korean pizza really too distant a possibility?), as well as a coffee shop.

A ML commenter chimed in with a translation of the sign advertising the food court, and it looks like other options will include Chinese, Japanese, and “Western Korean” food, a noodle specialty shop (nangmyun, jjolmyun, noodles, kal gookosoo), a soondae corner selling blood sausages, and a boon shik corner peddling kimbap, ddukbokki, Korean fish cake soup, and tempura.

True, you can already get these things up and down 32nd Street, but there’s certainly something to be said for the convenience of one-stop shopping. And the possibilities for all-weather food crawls are boundless.

The food court will reportedly begin construction within the next few months, and is scheduled to open by September or October.