Coffee, Tea, Links…


Morning, all. In what you need to know today:

• The board of St. Vincent’s has voted to close the hospital in Greenwich Village. Which makes us rather sad. To repay its some-$700 million in debt, “the hospital may sell or lease much of its valuable Greenwich Village real estate.” Pinkberry?

• A renter in Staten Island who’s had it up to here with no running water beat his landlord with a stick.

• The Yankees beat the Red Sox.

• The New York Times asks the “digerati” what they think of the iPad, and boy, do the “digerati” answer! (Take comfort in the fact that we at Runnin’ Scared will never say “digerati” unless we are expressly mocking users of the term “digerati” or the “digerati” themselves.) The “digerati,” by the way, totally hang at Tom and Jerry’s, we learned this weekend.

LiLo’s dad is engaged to Jon Gosselin’s ex. And really likes tank tops.

• In fire news: Somebody keeps burning a Bryant Park shoeshine stand. Plus: that midtown manhole fire (the one that — no! — canceled Jersey Boys) is out. Please return to your questionable musicals.

Bad people, like those “wilding” Times Square youths, are using Twitter. If you Tweet about your bad-ass activities, are they truly bad-ass? And do they know about Tom and Jerry’s?

• Telling people their local Walmart has moved is really not funny at all.