Greenest Grass in Williamsburg Is Really Freakin’ Green


Our friends at Curbed have identified what they believe to be “the greenest grass in the ‘Burg,” and we have to say, that grass is hella green. But they don’t say hella in Williamsburg, do they? It doesn’t go with the coonskin cap.

At any rate, Williamsburg’s latest luxury rental building, the surprisingly reasonably named “34 Berry,” is open for business, with a mere 20 percent of the 142 units spoken for. So if you like the look of that grass, hop to it and stake your claim. Your dog can poop in it, too!

And if you’ve seen greener grass — like human-sacrifice green, or drought-by-May-green, or building-atop-landfill-atop-toxic-waste-dump (we’re all gonna die!) green, let us know. We dare you.