Is There a Burgeoning Euro Cupcake Backlash?


Despite what the folks at McDonald’s Germany would have us believe, there are a number of Europeans who are hating on cupcakes right now. Salon takes a look at the supposed Euro backlash, as manifested in articles in the British press.

The more recent article, published last weekend in the Times online, lambasts cupcakes for their frivolousness and power to make women in their thirties coo over “cutesy, calorie-jammed treats as if they were newborn babies.” The earlier Guardian story, meanwhile, labels cupcakes as a legacy of the “me-me-me” 1990s.

Citing two articles spaced more than a year apart as evidence of a backlash seems a bit of a stretch, but if anything could spur a writer to go looking for one, it’s that McDonald’s cupcake campaign. Of course, this means that we’re due for a backlash to the backlash, which will no doubt find its mooring at this Friday’s annual CupcakeCampNYC. And then perhaps we can all move on to hating something else, like macarons or pie.