Local Pol Respects Bike Lane by Parking in It


The Bronx News Network has turned us on to a couple of great sites, where people have taken to submitting photos of government vehicles parking illegally and misusing police placards.

Assemblywoman Vanessa Gibson was caught by a Boogie Downer reader parking in a bike lane, in a car bearing her official government plates. The BNN got a mild apology from Gibson’s office, who released a statement saying that “there is a serious lack of parking on the Grand Concourse, but I have always respected the bike lane and apologize for blocking it.” Gibsons’ statement also said, she knew parking in the bike lane “caused some inconvenience and will make every effort to avoid blocking the bike [lane] in the future.”

One pol parking illegally one time isn’t such a big deal. But the mischaracterization of “official business” for parking is pretty rampant, and BNN also links to a great site, Uncivil Servants, where people can upload photos of illegally parked government cars around the city.