Patsy and Al Kahn Snag Former Madoff Pad All Cheap-like


Congrats to the Kahns, toy moguls who made a fortune on Pokemon and, before that, on those hideous dolls that we all wanted so bad back in the ’80s for no apparent reason because, frankly, they were butt ugly. The Cabbage Patch couple has purchased the former Madoff residence on the Upper East side.

Though they were temporarily worried about the stench of living in a Ponzi schemer’s pad, the view reportedly helped them cope. And the terrace offers so much space for a New York City branch of Babyland General Hospital! A service to the community, what with St. Vincent’s closing and all.

Plus, the place was a steal ($1 million less than the original asking price of $8.9 million). And you have to feel good about getting a bargain when “money from the sale of the apartment will go into the fund designated to reimburse Madoff’s thousands of victims.” Xavier Roberts would be proud.

Meanwhile, the neighbors are so happy to finally be rid the memory of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named that they’re stirring up rumors about his pathological tendencies all over again. Under condition of anonymity, of course.