Pichet Ong Debuts Dessert Menu at the Bubble Lounge Tomorrow


The Bubble Lounge (228 West Broadway) has been quietly pouring Champagne for 14 years, but tomorrow they’re adding a dessert menu from Spot sweets maven Pichet Ong.

Offerings include chocolate chip cookies that can be specified rare, medium, or well done; the mango and Champagne parfait shown at left that’s sprinkled with chocolate-covered cornflakes; frozen tiramisu cannoli with cocoa and pistachio; chocolate fondue; and the chocolate layer cake shown above. Ong says he designed the desserts to go particularly well with Champagne.

We asked Ong which sweet flavors go best with the sparkling wine. “Pairing desserts with Champagne is a similar process as pairing wine with food–think of the flavors you’re working with and try to bring the best of both out in the pairing,” said Ong. “Champagne and chocolate is a classic pairing, as is Champagne with berries…”

We also like Champagne with Champagne, but that’s just us.