Poor Baby Whale Stuck in East Hampton


Warning: This is a sad one. Not only do we hate when an adorable animal is in trouble, this particular adorable animal, a humpback whale calf, is stuck in possibly the worst place for whales — Main Beach at East Hampton. You can barely get away with a one-piece there, much less a blowhole (mind out of the gutter, please!).

While East Hampton is troubling enough in its own right, now we will always associate it not only with shallow people and the cars they drive and wine spritzers they drink, but also with the last moments of a hapless baby whale that just so happened to swing by the beach, probably on a whim (it happens to the best of us), and get separated from his mother.

While the whale survived last night and was seen moving its flippers today, signs are not good for survival, and rescuers are considering euthanasia, according to Newsday.

We hope that whatever happens, the baby whale is in a better place soon, and we recommend choosing Montauk for that summer share if you’re really dead set on the Hamptons — more room to swim.