Yes, There Is a New “Hole” Record and If You’re Willing to Splurge, It Comes With Make-Up!


Perhaps the strangest thing about the new Hole record is how few of you seem to realize there is a new Hole record. There is, it’s named Nobody’s Daughter, and two far-better-than-you-think singles from the 11-track album are streaming over at the band’s MySpace page. Pre-orders for the April 27th release became available yesterday, and if there’s any doubt that everybody involved desperately needs the past to sell the present, the band’s logo has returned to its Live Through This-era font, three of the pre-sale packages offer a Nobody’s Daughter sash, and if you’re still somehow wearing stonewashed jean jackets with iron-on decals, the $149.99 package offers a super-cool Hole patch. An alternate luxury fan pack, likely targeted at women, trannies, and drag queens, offers three variations of Love-endorsed make-up with a Happy-Meal-like disclaimer: “If you purchase Package 3 with Makeup you will receive either 1 piece of Illasmasqua makeup, a pencil, lipstick, or liquid metal eye shadow.” Personalized instructions on how to use it are here; we will not resort to any other punchlines, so stop looking for one. Update: More tickets for Hole’s two Terminal 5 shows released today over here.