Zaytoons Owners to Open The Olde Brooklyn Bagel Shop(pe)


Partners Ahmad Samhan and Faried Assad of Zaytoons have plans to open a bagel shop across the street from the Vandebilt Avenue location of the restaurant. The Olde Brooklyn Bagel Shop (or maybe Shoppe, they haven’t decided) is expected in a month or two in the landmark building at 643 Vandebilt. It will serve such gourmet deli items as organic salads and an array of pastries and sandwiches.

“We’re gonna try to do the first organic bagel,” says Assad. “We don’t think it’s been done before. And the first flax-seed bagel.”

He also plans on serving different cream cheeses, including a zataar flavor. The bagels will be of the old-fashioned water variety, although special flavors of those will also be featured. Zaytoons fans won’t be disappointed as a few favorites from the menu may make an appearance, such as the hummus or babaghanouj. Just don’t expect any revivals from the pair’s old F Line Bagel shop, which was forced to close after the MTA complained about its subway-themed signage.

“We’re keeping it retro-looking, really 1960s,” says Assad. We’re not touching the floors or the ceilings. The co-op board has been iffy with us about that.”

Hopefully not as “iffy” as a certain mass transit system.