9/11 Human Remains Found at Fresh Kills Landfill, City Says


Several news outlets are reporting that the city has found twenty potentially human remains in the former Fresh Kills landfill, while sifting through debris dumped there from the World Trade Center.

The Staten Island Advance notes that the discovery of the remains was made public “in a one-line email from the city’s Office of the Medical Examiner, part of a daily report that will mark the efforts to identify more victims of the terrorist attacks over the next three months.”

NY 1 reports that “Families of victims are glad the city” is conducting the search, but Dennis McKeon, executive director of a group called Where to Turn, tells the Advance, “It’s disheartening. It’s great that they will sift through it, but it should have been done nine years ago when the process started and it will just tear up families members again. Why not do it properly the first time instead of dragging it out? They’ve spent millions of dollars on a company that is supposed to have a new process that would extract DNA and identify all the remains of people since 9/11 and results have been few and far between.”

In the years since 9/11, human remains have continued to be discovered, sometimes in very strange places. The Advance reports that the current sifting operation is the third of its kind since the official search was ended. The material, “about enough to fit in a dump truck, was collected over two years from West Street, Haul Road, Cedar Street, Washington Street, Vesey Street, the rooftop of Fiterman Hall and various subterranean structures near Ground Zero.”

The times reports that “Officials are hoping to turn up traces of some of the 1,123 victims of the terrorist attacks whose remains were never found.”