Alice Waters To Appear on Real Time with Bill Maher Tomorrow Night


We usually watch Real Time with Bill Mahar with the same zeal most reserve for an old-fashioned revival. “Speak it!” we screech, as Maher encourages Obama to tell off Republicans in Tiger-Woods-sexting-style. (“Shut the fuck up while I slap your face for making noise! Now pass the cap-and-trade law, you stupid bitch, and repeat after me, ‘global warming is real.'”)

Tomorrow, Alice Waters will appear on the show along with Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong, and Chris Rock. Maher doesn’t usually have too much patience for organic-pie-in-the-sky ideals, but he is a sometime vegetarian who often has scathing things to say about the industrial food industry, so he’ll probably be more sympathetic to her ideas than not. It should be interesting–we’ve never seen Waters debate in a heated, back-and-forth setting. Let’s just hope she doesn’t reference those people who buy Nikes instead of farmer’s market grapes.

[via Eater National]