Jamie Oliver Doesn’t Approve of Potty Mouth; David Chang Wears Both Boxers and Briefs


A Korean-born chef who used to work at Le Bernardin is the first food truck cook to be named one of Food & Wine magazine’s Best New Chefs.

Why you won’t hear Jamie Oliver cursing out any chubby kids in West Virginia: “I don’t approve of [chefs] who swear… Sometimes you feel it’s their personal problems coming out.”

David Chang reveals his answer to the boxers or briefs question in the latest Vanity Fair: “Those hybrid things that are both.”
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The Gowanus Yacht Club in Carroll Gardens is seeking a hot dog chef. Specifically, it wants someone who can take the menu of burgers and sausages and “make it their own.”

A Northern Irish chef spent two months researching the last menu served aboard the Titanic and will serve the nine-course feast at his restaurant’s private dining room.
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Ryan Skeen is back on the Twitter taking aim at Eater founder Ben Leventhal: “Who wouldnt want to be Bens Chef in NYC, reminds me of GW Bush! As long as Fox News, wait my bad Eater is behind u, U r A OK.”