More Foodie Art From That Guy Who Painted Rachael Ray


New York-based artist Alex Gardega, best known here on FitR as the man who immortalized Rachael Ray in the nude and floating on a river of EVOO, has a new work.

Gardega, whose other foodie projects include a Bernie in Hell hot sauce marketed to people burned in the Bernie Madoff Ponzi scheme, says his “Choco Laden: Fear is Edible” piece, like his other works, is meant as a commentary on the mass media’s obsession with certain subjects.

“The media is the message, as they say. Bin Laden is a symbol of fear and he is paraded out in front of us every so often like the boogeyman,” says the artist. “I am not making light of terrorism — I lost friends in 9/11. But I think media uses fear as a tool and after too much exposure it just becomes the boy who cried wolf or, eventually, a harmless white chocolate bunny, edible and without power.”

It’s a little late for Easter candy, but you can still get one of 100 12-inch, hand-carved, signed, and numbered specimens for $500 apiece. Smaller cast pieces are $100.