Craigslist, Starbucks New Drug Trade Hot Spots


Ah, gentrification. It seems that nothing these days is free from the sucking black hole of Starbucks. Not even illegal drugs.

Kinrod Priester, 37, (“a personal trainer with a rap sheet”) took his drug biz to Craigslist, which just seems efficient in this Internet-savvy era, no?

Unfortunately, an undercover investigator answered the ad and scheduled a meet-up at the Starbucks at 23rd and Fifth on Wednesday night. Priester allegedly sold the investigator 4 grams of coke, and we imagine the two enjoyed chai lattes and some good conversation before utilizing the convenient bathroom facilities.

Can’t we just buy our drugs on the street like regular people anymore?

After leaving the coffee chain, Priester reportedly tried to escape the two investigators that were waiting to arrest him outside, but he tripped over a wire tree fencing while running to his Mercedes, a law enforcement source told the Post.


A cursory search on Craigslist (for research purposes only) reveals no coke, but there is a bargain-priced drug testing kit in Staten Island. And someone in Queens could use some pain meds.