Democrats Taking Over New York? Hell No, Says the GOP


Democrats are on the rise in New York, says the New York Public Interest Research Group, which released a report with all kinds of interesting political statistics today.

A few highlights:

51 of 62 Senate districts have seen an increase in registered Democrats since 2008.

Five districts that used to skew Republican now have a Democrat advantage.

There are 2.7 million registered Republicans in the state, down about 90,000 from 2008.

Democrats have gained about 1,500 voters since 2008, and are now 5.2 million strong.

The number of independent and third-party voters is down by 182,828 over the past 18 months.

Zero districts switched from having more Democrats to having more Republicans.

Registered voters dropped from 12 million in 2008 to 11.7 million statewide.

Democrats currently control 32 Senate seats compared to the Republicans’ 30 — and are, presumably, thrilled with these stats.

But Republicans are not buying the report, not in the least. They’ve issued the following in response:

What Democrats refuse to acknowledge is that, despite their registration advantage, the numbers of Republican-leaning unaffiliated voters in New York continue to rise. Independent and un-affiliated voters proved integral in catapulting Republican County Executive, legislative, and town candidates to victory in the 2009 elections in areas where Democrats have significant registration advantages, such as Westchester and Nassau counties.

Democrats are following their typical pattern of relying on voter enrollment while they continue to ignore voters’ anger over their misguided policies here in Albany and in Washington where they have total control. Republicans are articulating a message that resonates with swing voters, including fiscally conservative policies to create jobs, reduce spending, and solve New York’s fiscal crisis.