FreshDirect Moves Into the Suburbs; Five Guys Close to Being Billionaires


A recent report shows that 41 percent of apples in supermarkets are Red Delicious. The cultivation of heirloom apples, however, is slowly making a comeback.
[NY Times]

Queens-based FreshDirect is making inroads into Westchester County and has added service in Connecticut for the first time. Delivery is $1 more for suburbanites.

Sure, grass-fed beef may taste better, but a recent study has found that grass-fed steak has about twice as many omega 3 fatty acids as grain-fed beef.

A seal cookbook published by the E.U. to promote seal as a sustainable food source will now be published in Canada following a European ban on the animal’s meat.
[Globe and Mail]

The Sugar Association says sugar can’t be linked to the obesity epidemic because sugar consumption has fallen 40 percent since 1970, replaced by high-fructose corn syrup.

Will Five Guys Burgers and Fries be the first “better burger” chain to reach the $1 billion mark? Smashburger, Habit Burger Grill, and Elevation Burger could also take the lead.
[Nation’s Restaurant News]

Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s favorite date night spots in the city include Nello’s, Lucali’s, Marlow & Sons, and Abe & Arthur’s.
[NY Post]