Manhattan Swingers’ Club Wants Snooki to Host Their Upcoming Sex Party, Ewwwww

Exclusive Manhattan swingers club Behind Closed Doors is looking to have Jersey Shore‘s Snooki host one of its monthly sex parties. The notoriously orange poof-monster wouldn’t be required to take off her clothes, however, or participate in any of the sexual activities at the upcoming spring break-themed Bikini Bash on April 17th, but that doesn’t necessarily mean she wouldn’t.

Behind Closed Doors says its “in negotiations” for Nicole Polizzi to hold a meet-and-greet autograph session, act as Master of Ceremonies for a wet T-shirt contest, and simply get the party started in that special dancing-alone-in-an-empty-bar way she’s perfected. The only difference: This bar would be full, and it would be naked. The self-proclaimed “fucking princess of fucking Poughkeepsie” could also participate in an hour-long “Swing School,” during which she’d share her enlightened perspective on sexuality (“Pickles is my thing”…?), and we assume, learn the ins-and-outs of swinging.

Behind Closed Doors claims to have an intensive screening process for members, who are mostly single women and couples from 21 to 35. “Our guests comprise a group much younger and more attractive than any other swingers club in the world,” says Jasmine (just Jasmine) one of the founders, in a press release for the event. So Snickers will, er, fit right in?

Jasmine — who FYI signs her e-mails “warm regards and naughty thoughts” — and co-founder Rocco believe that Snooki revealed “the controversial star’s more erotic side” when she desperately, and drunkenly, snogged The Situation in the Jersey Shore house hot tub. It may not be a totally accurate assumption, but it doesn’t mean homegirl wouldn’t take her top off for the amusement of New York’s swinging elite. “Typically, guests engage in all levels of sexual activities throughout the night — from women exploring their bisexuality to full-on threesomes and orgies,” Jasmine explains. “Snooki will be treated like any other guest in that she can choose her level of participation.” Cringe.

And in case you’ve been living under a YouTube-proof rock, you should probably see this…