New Brooklyn Sandwiches, Part One: Fultummy’s Chicken Cutlet


As we mentioned yesterday, Brooklyn, like much of the city, is beset by sandwich fever. If it’s edible and fits between two pieces of bread (or two pieces of fried chicken) somebody in the five boroughs is probably planning a shop dedicated to it.

We sped around Brooklyn today to try two of the newest sandwich shops: Red Hook’s Fultummy’s and Crown Height’s Dutch Boy Burgers.

Fultummy’s styles itself as an international sandwich shop and seems to be Japanese-owned. There are three savory sandwiches on the menu: pork cutlet with shredded cabbage, Japanese fruit and vegetable sauce (chuno), and mayo; chicken cutlet with the same fixings; and a white fish sandwich with lettuce and tartar sauce. The cutlet sandwiches are $6.50 and the fish is $6.75.

Lost City liked Fultummy’s sandwiches and so did we. The chicken cutlet hunkers between two slices of puffy white Pullman bread and has a burnished panko crust that crunches into surprisingly juicy, steaming-hot breast meat. The fruit-and-veg sauce is brown and syrupy–sweet and tart like chutney–and squishes deliciously into the mayonnaise. Cabbage provides crunch. It’s a tasty sandwich for a fair price.

221 Columbia Street, Brooklyn

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