Our 10 Best Noodles, Manhattan Edition


Khao soi are northern Thai noodles that feature the same egg noodles in two guises: boiled and curried in the bottom of the bowl, fried and crunchy on the top.

Tasty, nutritious, wildly variable, and unusually cheap, noodles have long since replaced bread as the world’s staff of life. Our noodle landscape in New York is awesomer than it’s ever been before, and we can choose from the pasta of dozens of nationalities, made from a wealth of ingredients–including wheat, rice, sweet-potato starch, mung beans, chestnut flour, buckwheat, devil’s tongue starch, whole wheat, and corn.

Step right inside for some juicy hand-pulled noodles. Good place, but didn’t quite make the cut.

So as to not become overwhelmed by the task, we’ve decided to do this by boroughs, and Manhattan was the first to come to mind because of the diversity of its dining opportunities–and also since Fork in the Road is headquartered here.

We guarantee every noodle we mention meets our very high deliciousness standards; nevertheless, you may be prone to disagree with our selection, or want to add a favorite place of your own. Please do it in the comments section and we’ll transfer the results to our Readers’ Suggestions page.

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In this deluxe version of Vietnam’s most famous street food from Pho Grand, several forms of beef (raw eye of round and shredded tripe are evident here) are deposited in a broth zapped with sweet spices. Slender rice noodles hide in the bottom of the bowl.


Wine-braised octopus and bone marrow fusilli, Marea, 240 Central Park South, 212-582-5100; Pizochel (Swiss buckwheat pasta), Trestle on Tenth, 242 Tenth Avenue, 212-645-5659; Linguine con le sarde (Sicilian linguine with sardines), Convivio, 45 Tudor City Place, 212-599-5045; Xe Lua (Vietnamese rice noodle soup), Pho Grand, 277 Grand Street, 212-965-5366; Hwe naeng myun (Korean spicy raw fish over vermicelli), NY Kom Tang Soot Bul, 32 West 32nd Street, 212-947-8482

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Dusted with toasted bread crumbs and black pepper, the mac and cheese at A Taste of Seafood almost overshadows the fried whole porgy and collard greens.

Numbers 5 Through 10

10 Mac and cheese, A Taste of Seafood, 59 East 125th Street, 212-831-5584
9 Wok ho fun (irregular rice noodles), C & L Dumpling House, 77 Chrystie Street, 212-219-8850
8 Khao soi (curried egg noodles), Talent Thai, 210 East 34th Street, 212-725-1158
7 Lasagna, Salumeria Rosi Parmacotto, 283 Amsterdam Avenue, 212-877-4800
6 Spicy miso ramen, Ramen Setagaya, 35 St. Marks Place, 212-387-7959

The amazing wok hu fun (hand-fashioned rice noodles) at C & L Dumpling.

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The superlative stir-fried peel noodles (shaved just moments ago from the dough) with baby bok choy and egg at Sheng Wang.

The Top 5

5 Tagliatelle al ragu, Malatesta, 649 Washington Street, 212-741-1207
4 Liang pi cold skin noodles, Xi’an Famous Foods, #106, 88 East Broadway, 212-941-8886
3 Hiyashi chuka (summer ramen), Sapporo, 152 West 49th Street, 212-869-8972
2 Agnolotti dal plin (Piedmontese dough pouches), Scarpetta, 355 West 14th Street, 212-691-0555
1 Stir-fried peel noodles (knife cut noodles), Sheng Wang, 27 Eldridge Street, 212-925-0805

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Many great noodle dishes have originated in the U.S., including spaghetti and meatballs.

Readers’ Suggestions

Teo chew sate (flat rice noodle), Grand Bo Ky, 213 Grand Street, 212-219-9228
Steamed rice noodles, Cart at Elizabeth and Hester Streets
Ramen, Ippudo, 65 Fourth Avenue, 212-388-0088
Ramen, Minca, 536 East 5th Street, 212-505-8001
Café Katja, Austrian spaetzle, 79 Orchard Street, 212-219-9545
Hand-pulled wheat noodles, Lan Zhou Handmade Noodles, 144 East Broadway, 212-566-6933