Posts of the Week


Friday afternoon is fast turning into Friday early evening, so here’s a look back at the best posts of the past few days:

We ranked Our 10 Best Noodles, Manhattan Edition.

In a two-part interview, Baohaus’ Eddie Huang held forth about many, many things.

Battle of the Dishes waged an East Village strange soft-serve throw-down between Momofuku and Baoguette on St. Marks.

Locally produced bootlegger vodka is coming soon to a liquor store near you.

SCRATCHbread’s Matthew Tilden has a new home, needs a new oven, and is planning to open a retail bakery.

Can’t wait for the KFC Double-Down sandwich? Make it yourself!

The Daily Shot spotlights the Vieux Carre cocktail at Williamsburg’s Rye.

Brandy Library’s Ethan Kelley talks rare booze, Peat Week, and how mixologists can take the “joy out of drinking.”

Here’s the Early Word on King of Casserole and Pulino’s lunch.

Hello Kitty wines? Hello drunken kids!

KyoChon has invaded midtown in a big way; here’s a review.

Fat Pants Friday revels in a swingle from Steve’s Authentic Key Lime Pies.