Senator Thomas Duane Wants a Spaceship, Bad


New York Senator Thomas Duane really wants a space shuttle in New York. And so do the Boy Scouts. Who are we to say no? Yesterday the Senate unanimously approved a resolution Duane spearheaded that endorses the Intrepid Museum’s application to permanently display one of NASA’s three retiring Space Shuttles — Discovery, Endeavor, and Atlantis — on Manhattan’s West Side. Imagine if state politicians were this cooperative all the time.

The Intrepid Museum competes with 20 other institutions across the U.S. for the chance to snag one of the shuttles, which are scheduled to “be retired” in early 2011. In July, NASA will announce their new adoptive parents.

In the meantime, you can sign a petition online to support the effort. An estimated $71 million in direct economic spending and $7.5 million in tax revenue is expected should the Intrepid get one of the shuttles.