Suggestions For The Inevitable Ice-T/Aimee Mann Reconciliation


So this happened. They’ll patch it up. Here’s how:

* Embrace warmly on the set of Chelsea Lately; feel ridiculous.

* Aimee guests on Law and Order: SVU as a Twitter-addicted famous golfer’s mistress who has eight babies, one of whom is currently trapped in a homemade balloon floating across Colorado.

* The most awkward double-date of all time.

* Beers at the White House.

* Super-disappointing Saturday Night Live cameo.

* Ice-T shows up at Largo, does stripped-down version of “Cop Killer” with Jon Brion on piano.

* Bobby Flay-facilitated hot-bowl-of-dicks throwdown.

* Team up for The Amazing Race. (Gimmick: “Twitter frenemies.”)

* Join Beck’s Record Club, cover Richard and Linda Thompson’s Shoot Out the Lights in its entirely.

* United in spirit by the depressing fact that they’ll be asked about this in every interview either of them do for the next five years.

* Two words: Summer Jam.