The Fourth Annual Village Voice Readers’ Film Poll — The Best Films of 1967!


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February 8, 1968, Vol. XIII, No. 17

by Andrew Sarris

The readers of The Village Voice have responded in unprecedented numbers to the fourth annual poll of ten-best lists. For the record, the previous winners are “Dr. Strangelove” (1964), “Darling” (1965) and “Blow-Up” (1966). The results for 1967 are as follows:

1. Bonnie and Clyde
2. Persona
3. Le guerre est finie
4. Accident
5. Falstaff
6. The Graduate
7. Two for the Road
8. El Dorado
9. Marat/Sade
10. The Exterminating Angel


11. The Battle of Algiers
12. Point Blank
13. In Cold Blood
14. Ulysses
15. The Rise of Louis XIV
16. Blow-Up
17. How I Won the War
18. In the Heat of the Night
19. Elvira Madigan
20. A Countess from Hong Kong
21. Privilege

22. Fahrenheit 451
23. Les Carabiniers
24. Cool Hand Luke
26. The Family Way
27. The War Game
28. Boudu Saved from Drowning
29. Closely Watched Trains
30. King of Hearts
31. Hurry Sundown
32. Gunn

33. The Taming of the Shrew
34. Don’t Look Back
35. Far from the Madding Crowd
36. Le Petit Soldat
37. Bike Boy
38. The Big Mouth
39. For a Few Dollars More
40. Welcome to Hard Times
41. The Trip
42. You’re a Big Boy Now
43. Night Games

44. Far From Vietnam
45. Dutchman
46. My Sister, My Love
47. The Deadly Affair
48. To Sir With Love
49. Cul de Sac
50. Barefoot in the Park
51. Reflections in a Golden Eye
52. Bedazzled
53. Portrait of Jason
54. * * * (Andy Warhol’s 25-hour movie)
55. Titicut Follies

56. Up the Down Staircase
57. Our Mother’s House
58. Made in U.S.A.
58. The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre
60. A Man and a Woman
61. The Chelsea Girls
61. The Thief of Paris
63. Alfie
64. Georgy Girl
65. 23rd Psalm Branch
66. The Game Is Over
67. Film-Flam Man
68. The Quiller Memorandum

69. The Big City (Mahanagar)
69. Chafed Elbows
69. Loves of a Blonde
72. Czech Expo Film (The Creation of the World)
73. Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors
74. Barlera
74. Wait Until Dark
76. Napoleon
77. Nude Restaurant
78. Camelot
79. The Thin Man

80. The Hunt
81. The Whisperers
82. The Africa Addio
82. Divorce American Style
82. Grand Prix
82. Tokyo Olympiad
86. Hold Me While I’m Naked
87. Hombre
88. This Special Friendship
88. To Be a Crook
90. Gone with the Wind
91. Dr. Zhivago

92. The Jokers
93. Gertrud
93. Guide for the Married Man
93. King and Country
93. Shoot the Piano Player
97. The Dirty Dozen
98. Young Toerless
99. Le Depart
99. Echoes of Silence
99. Le Tete Contre les Murs
102. Beach Red
102. Chappaqua
104. Crazy Quilt
104. My Hustler
104. Puss and Kram
104. La Vie de Chateau
108. Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner
108. Relativity
110. Festival
111. Touch of Evil
112. Under Capricorn
113. Father
113. There Was an Old Couple
115. One Million Years B.C.
116. Luv
116. Maculine Feminine
118. The Comedians
118. Inside North Vietnam
120. Sand Pebbles
121. Born Losers
122. The Bible
122. Rebellion
124. Billion Dollar Brain
124. Don’t Make Waves
124. Eye of the Devil
124. The Honey Pot
124. More than a Miracle
129. Station Six — Sahara
130. The African Queen
131. All About Eve
131. King Rat
131. A Star is Born (Cukor and Garland, not Wellman and Gaynor)

The following films received only a single mention:

After the Fox
Angel Baby
Arrividerci Baby
The Bad and the Beautiful (Sonbert not Minnelli)
Ballad of a Soldier
Barefoot Contessa
Before the Revolution
Beyond the Forest
The Big Knife
The Birds, the Bees, and the Italians
The Black Cat
Black Orpheus
The Borgia Stick
The Burning of New York
Casino Royale
David Holzman’s Diary
Death Takes a Holiday
Diamonds of the Night
The Drifter
The Easy Life
Eclipse of the Sun Virgin
The Endless Summer
The Fat and the Lean
A Fine Madness
The First Cry
First to Fight
Foolish Wives
The Fortune Cookie
French Can Can
A Full Life
Funeral in Berlin
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum
Gate of Flesh
Girl with the Green Eyes
Goodbye, Columbus (in preparation)
The Gospel According to St. Matthew
The Great Escape
The Guest
The Happiest Millionaire
The Hawks and the Sparrows
Heat Wave
“Hellcat” episode from from “The Iron Horse”
Himself as Herself
Hired Killer
Hush, Hush, Sweet Charlotte
I A Man
I A Woman
I Live in Fear
The Incident
It Happened Here
Ivan the Terrible
Jack Smith’s “Horror and Fantasy at Midnight”
Les Jeux sont faits
Jules and Jim
The Killers
King Solomon’s Mines
Kiss Me Stupid
Koumiko Mystery
The L-Shaped Room
Lady from Shanghai
Lady of the Trolley Tracks
The Last of August at the Hotel Ozone
The Life of O’Haru
The Lion Hunters
Lonely Are the Brave
Long Day’s Journey into Night
Lost in Cuddihy
Lost Sex
Loving Couples
Made in Italy
The Maltese Falcon
A Man for All Seasons
Miss Grant Takes Richmond
My Little Chickadee
Die Niebelunge
The Naked Runner
North by Northwest
Nothing but a Man
Nothing Happened This Morning
Oh Dad, Poor Dad
On the Woman Question
The Old House Passing
Once Before I Die
One, Two, Three
The Organizer
The Orgy at Lil’s Place
Oscar Wilde
Othello (Olivier version)
Paddle to the Sea
Passages from James Joyce’s ‘Finnegans Wake’
Pat and Mike
A Place to Stand (Expo)
Le Plaisir
The Pornographer
The President’s Analyst
The Producers
Raven’s End
Ride the High Country
Rio Bravo
The Rules of the Game
Rush to Judgment
The Sailor from Gibraltar
Santa Clause Has Blue Eyes
Saul’s Scarf
Scorpio Rising
The Servant
Seven Sinners
Seven Women
The Seventh Seal
Shock Corridor
Shout Loud, Louder…I Don’t Understand
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
The Sorcerers
The Spy Who Came in from the Cold
La Strada
Stranger on the Run
10.30 P.M. Summer
Thoroughly Modern Millie
A Thousand Clowns
To Be or Not To Be
Treasure of the Sierra Madre
The Trial
True Heart Susie
Valentin des las Sierras
Valley of the Dolls
Voyage in Italy
View from the Bridge
The War Wagon
Warning Shot
Waterhole No. 3
What’s Up Tiger Lily?
When the Cat Comes
Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
The Wild Angels
Winter Light
Winter 64-66
You and Me
All the films at Expo 67
Collected films of Jean-Luc Godard

The responses to the poll over the years seem to fall into three categories: art, entertainment and social consciousness. And a little sex, as Preston Sturges’s producer observed in “Sullivan’s Travels.” The winning films have invariably satisfied all the conditions moviegoers demand as the price of their approval. “Dr. Strangelove” was set in the future and “Bonnie and Clyde” in the past, but both movies speak to the present. Indeed some of the ballots for “Bonnie and Clude” added the parenthetical proviso — “Why we are in Vietnam.” “Darling” and “Blow-Up” both condemn the eroticism of the present as they exploit it. The exploitation gets people into the theatre, and the condemnation absolves them of guilt as they come out. However, social consciousness is not enough in itself. There must be some trace also of a directorial style, minimal in “Darling,” maximal in “Blow-Up,” but definitely mod in all four instances. A few laughs don’t hurt either. Nor violence of one kind or another. This critic’s function? Simply to listen to his readers once week a year, and keep his own counsel the other 51. I am deeply grateful for all the responses to the poll, and to all the thoughtful correspondence I have received, and regret only that multiple pressures have prevented me from answering my correspondence with reasonable dispatch.

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