Alice Waters on Real Time with Bill Maher


Sadly, there was no panel discussion on Friday’s Real Time with Bill Maher, instead the three guests (Billy Joe Armstrong, Chris Rock, and Alice Waters) sat down to individual interviews. Waters’ segment was fine, although, oddly, she seems to be developing a faint, Madonna-style British accent.

It was a better appearance for Waters than the 60 Minutes interview. She continues to fight the good fight for everyone’s right to good, healthful food, particularly pointing out that poorer families do not have to eat at McDonald’s: “Peasant cooking around the world is affordable and delicious, and we need to learn to cook that food again.”

That’s true, and there’s nothing better than peasant cooking, but not everyone knows that. And some might take umbrage to being told they ought to eat “peasant” food. As always, Water’s message is absolutely sound, it’s the way she presents it that isn’t always productive.

[Video via Eater]